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Investigation method

Here is an article I think points out something I have been trying to say for some time...


Here is something that bothers me about most of the shows... The hosts are listening for spirits and don't hear anything. Then they played back a hand-held recorder which captured voices that were supposedly deceased people. I can believe that a spirit's voice wouldn't be heard, but would be captured in a recording. But the show is recorded!! Why would the hand-held recorder pick up the spirit's noises when the TV production recording at the same time didn't?

Spirits can do a lot of things that we don't necessarily understand or know about. Maybe they chose to only be heard by the investigators and don't trust the film crew (I know I wouldn't) or are scared of them. Also the way that tv shows are filmed vs the way investigations are run might have something to do with it. When doing an investigation, people who have the equipment for it (definitely people who are on tv would) will have constant recordings of the whole night and everything that happened. Film crews, on the other hand, film the investigation on and off, trying to get good shots and pretty much only film when something "interesting" is happening so if the investigator's recorders pick something up when the film crew isn't filming they take that recording instead and add it in. Obviously this might not always be the case, you should always take anything you see on tv with a grain of salt, but it's a couple of explanations as to why it might happen.

I can respect that Gabe. I know in the investigations we do with HSSM there are hrs of recordings from multiple cameras and have to go through them to see if anything was picked up on them that we ourselves didn't observe direstly. Also I know the stuff on TV is mostly just entertainment and although I enjoy watching them don't buy into everything they say and or do on them....