Are Spirits Around You?

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Many readers have been writing in with questions about deceased loved ones. ‘Are they still around me?’, ‘How do I know they are here?’, and ‘Can they hear me when I talk to them?’ The answer…yes, yes, and yes!

If you are looking for messages or merely signs of a loved one being near, I have compiled a list of the most common ways they communicate with us. Although some may seem coincidental, faith would teach us differently.

1.       Dreams

Often the dreams you may have of a departed loved one are essentially visits and are a wonderful way for them to reach us when they have our full attention.

2.       Numbers

Birthdates, anniversary dates, or date of their passing may show up in odd places like license plates, documents, and even sales receipts.

3.       Visions

You may see a vision of them. Sometimes the vision is hazy or can be as clear as the light blue sky. You may see them while your eye wanders and when you dart your eye back to confirm what you are seeing, it’s gone. Wishful thinking? Maybe…or maybe not.

4.       Sounds

Many people associate sounds or music with certain memories. Have you ever been upset about something and find the song playing on the radio is comforting and reminiscent of your loved one? This is their way of saying, ‘I am here. It’s OK.’ Sometimes people will literally hear their name being called, even though no one is around to say it.  Take this as a sign from the other side and pay special attention to what you are doing, thinking, or stressing about at this particular moment.

5.       Scents

Perfume, cigar and cigarette smoke, flowers, and sometimes the smells of cooking can be present without a known cause. They are near!

6.       Sensing a Presence of Someone

Many of my readers claim to feel someone sit on the bed with them, while others claim to be woken up at the exact time of someone’s passing.  These are all wonderful signs!

7.       I am a firm believer in anything with wings being messengers from the other side. If a certain bird, butterfly, and even dragonfly seems to hang around and show up in the most unlikely places, take note. You are loved. In my opinion, wings are most common but can be with any animal.

8.       Words or names which are significantly repeating themselves can be messages as well.  Again, pay attention to what you are seeing, saying, thinking, and doing at this exact moment.

If you are watching for a sign or message but haven’t seemed to catch it yet, speak to your loved one before you go to sleep and ask them directly. Sometimes it’s as easy as requesting a less subtle way of communicating.

If you have a story you would like to share, please submit it directly to Tammy Deans’ email, Please be sure to request anonymity if you so choose.

Ask Tammy,

Dear Tammy,

Can you tell me if my deceased husband has tried to communicate with me and if he is OK?

Tammy’s Psychic Answer:

Thank you for your question and I am sorry for your loss. How do you connect with the letter D? I keep seeing a big, solid D which in my opinion is a nice sign showing his strength.  When asking for a message, I am given the impression for you to trust your intuition. He has and will continue to send you messages, but you need to trust them when they appear. He knows you are tender hearted, loving, and nurturing. You are patient with others but not with yourself. I believe he would urge you to start taking care of yourself to the same degree you take care of others. Take a nice deep breath for yourself and for him…and listen. – Tammy

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If you have a question for Tammy, please feel free to email her directly at Questions can be paranormal in nature, a question requiring a psychic answer, or questions regarding the vibrational power of crystals. Although Tammy will do her best to answer all questions submitted, not all may be a good candidate for publishing and there may be a delay in response time.