My house is haunted

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The following story may have names, locations and any identifying information changed for privacy. Although I assure you, the story is in fact based on what the story teller’s believe to be true accounts.

Today’s story was sent in by a reader who believes the house she lives in is haunted.

“I live in the central/east part of town in a house that was built in the 1960’s. We have been living here for 24 years. Although I believe the house to be haunted, I also believe it is not dangerous otherwise more would have happened by now after all these years. At least once per week we are awoken by the ringing of the doorbell. We have had friends and family tell us it was probably bad wiring or the battery needed to be replaced. But it’s not hooked up to anything. It was originally hard-wired but has since been disconnected years ago.

Also over the years we have heard footsteps throughout the house while in bed even though nobody else was in the house but us. My husband checked many times but now we just try to ignore it since he could never find a cause.

One day while I was cooking in the kitchen, I thought I heard a child giggle. When I turned my head to look in that direction, it seemed like a small child ran the hallway and into the bedroom. Of course, there was no child to be found.

So yes, I do believe the house is haunted. I have to wonder if it is a child who likes to run around and play and sometimes play with the doorbell too.” – Helen

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Dear Tammy,
“My grandfather passed a few years back. The odd time I have a dream about him dying and coming back to life. Besides this, the odd time I get a strong smell of him also. I can’t even explain what the smell is, but when it happens it’s like I’m right beside him. Have you ever heard of this?
Thank you for your time.” –  Marie

Tammy’s Psychic Answer:

Thank you so much for your question and I am sorry for the loss of your grandfather. Many people claim to have the same experience of smelling a certain scent which reminds them of a deceased loved one. You are definitely not alone.

In my opinion, the scent is a sign from your grandfather to let you know he is near. When you have this experience take a moment to close your eyes and breathe deeply. You may want to ‘listen’ to what comes into your mind and take it as a message from him or you can try asking him a specific question and wait to see when the answer comes. It may be delivered in the form of a voice in your head (NO not mental illness), a vision of some sort, or maybe a dream that night. Whatever the medium used to communicate, you must be willing and ready to listen.

As for the dream, I believe each dream means something different to each person. We are all subject to signs and symbols and life experiences in different ways. To one, a symbol may mean one thing, and to another it may mean something totally different. Again, this is my belief and others may not agree with me. If you are looking for help in deciphering a dream, please consider sitting with me one on one and allow me to show you my method for interpreting dreams. It is quite simple and something anyone can do themselves. – Tammy

It may be helpful for you to place a kyanite stone by you while sleeping. This is a stone which never requires cleansing or clearing. It is said to bring tranquility to one’s spiritual, emotional and physical self. It encourages psychic abilities and induces dream recall. Also a wonderful stone beneficial when connecting with your spirit guide.

If you have a question for Tammy, please feel free to email her directly at Questions can be paranormal in nature, a question requiring a psychic answer, or questions regarding the vibrational power of crystals. Although Tammy will do her best to answer all questions submitted, not all may be a good candidate for publishing and there may be a delay in response time.