The unexplained at a former workplace

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The following story may have names, locations and any identifying information changed for privacy. Although I assure you, the story is in fact based on what the story teller’s believe to be true accounts.

Today’s story was sent in by a reader who believes the bar he used to work at is haunted.

“Years ago in downtown Sault Ste Marie, I used to work at a bar. When the place was open and full of partiers nobody seemed to notice much. Although, after closing…well that’s another story.

I was working as a bartender and used to stay late to finish up the odds and ends needed before closing. Most nights I would be the last to leave and it would be my responsibility to turn off the lights and lock up. There was always talk about how the bar was haunted and the waitresses had heard or seen things, but I was a non-believer up until I had my own experiences.

One particular night when I was finishing up, Lisa one of the waitresses was puttered around with her cleaning when she heard noises coming from the men’s washroom. She feared someone may still be lingering in there after closing so she asked me to take a look.

Feeling a little macho at how the waitress “needed” me, I strolled over to the door and pushed it open. With a raised voice, I asked if anyone was still in there and announced the bar had closed. There was no answer. I proceeded to go in and check under the stalls one by one, and found no one.

As I turned on my heels to go back to the bar to finish up, the faucet on the sink turned on.  It was the type of faucet with the hot water and cold water separate with a turn knob for each. Confused I went and turned it off being sure both knobs were tight.

As I once again, turned to leave, the faucet turned on again!  This time I felt the hair on the back of my neck standing straight up. Slowly I made my way to the sink and turned it off again.

Back at the bar, I didn’t mention the experience to Lisa because she would have immediately said it was a ghost or something.  I decided to keep it to myself.

About a month or so later, I was cleaning up after closing again, but this time was alone in the bar. The waitress’s had all gone home by then. As I tidied up, I heard a noise from the men’s washroom. Remembering the past incident, I bravely went in to ‘fix’ the sink if needed.

This time, I found nothing and the faucets were all tight. Just as I was about to exit, one of the stall doors slammed open and shut with such force as if someone were in the stall and forcibly slammed it. Immediately, I bent down to look under the stall door and saw nothing. I slowly made my way over and kicked it open ready for whoever or whatever was inside. But again, there was nothing.

I never told anyone about the experience but I didn’t mock anyone else about their experiences anymore either. I am now a believer. I know something was in there. Something I could not see. ” – Kenny

This is just one person’s story. If you have a story you would like to share, please submit it directly to Tammy Deans’ email, Please be sure to request anonymity if you so choose.

Dear Tammy,
“My best friend and I had a falling out. She betrayed me and I don’t know what to do.  She keeps messaging me asking for forgiveness and then says that she can’t believe I am willing to throw away a good friendship over this. Am I wrong to break ties with her? Should I give her another chance?” –  Becky

Tammy’s Psychic Answer:

Thank you so much for your question. I understand how you must be feeling.  Like you, I have had this problem before too.

First I would like to start by reminding you to think about what you got out of the friendship. What was it? Companion, laughter, or convenience maybe. It is truly interesting when you sit down and pick the relationship apart piece by piece to see what your expectations were, how you treated them and vice versa.  Sometimes this type of reflection is enough to find your answer.

As for my intuitive answer, I would have to say this person is devastated over her actions and over your reaction to them. She has learned a huge and very valuable lesson and I am sure you have too. I see a lack of family and friends around your friend. I believe she holds on a little too tight to you due to the lack of support and fear of losing you.

Your friend has a list of issues she needs to confront within herself. These issues stem from the past in this lifetime and if you chose to believe, past lives as well. I don’t believe she will betray you again, although if you allow her back into your life, you may have to sit back and watch her struggle with even bigger things. This will not be easy. Unfortunately, it is her lessons to learn, not yours.

If you think you can handle standing by her through thick and thin, then I say mend this friendship. If you don’t think you are able to, then kindly let her go as this is probably the best thing you can do for her. – Tammy

It may be helpful for you to carry a Lapis Lazuli stone with you or to wear a beautiful piece of Lapis Lazuli jewelry. This is considered the stone of friendship and truth by many people around the world. This blue stone is said to encourage harmony in relationships and is also helpful in being authentic. Furthermore, it may assist in the giving of his or her opinion openly and lovingly.

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