A Hanging in Sault Ste. Marie

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Once again, to ensure anonymity, the following story may have names, locations and any identifying information changed for privacy. Although I assure you, the story is in fact based on what the story teller believes to be true accounts.

“Obviously it’s been many years since we have had a legal execution here in the Sault, or in Canada as a whole for that matter. Years ago while researching for a college project, I met a gentleman who had a very interesting story.

I remember this gentleman to be a very kind and soft person. He was quite eager to share his story with me as I canvassed the neighbourhood looking for any person who would have been in the neighbourhood when the last of the executions took place at the location across the street.

He lived in a quaint little house facing the old jailhouse on McNabb Street. His one and only love had long since passed and his children had moved on to have families of their own. He had the friendly air of somebody’s grandfather who liked to tell stories of times gone by. He recalled an unforgettable story and I will do my best to relay it as he did for me all those years ago.

old jail on McNabb street

He set the stage as a day full of debates and anticipation as his wife frantically cleaned the house for the onslaught of strangers expected that upcoming evening. For this was the day a prisoner was being sent to the gallows to hang. And although it was closed to the public, they had great front row seats which everyone wanted.

Not unlike other homeowner’s on the street, they too were benefitting from this dreadful event. In the days leading up to this evening, he had been gathering a pretty fine profit from selling viewing access to the execution from his attic windows. Some merciless onlookers actually paid to sit on the roof top to view the gruesome act! There the spectators anxiously awaited the true life performance. The shared their stories of the days leading up to this occasion.

Everybody crowded in and finally silence took over. All eyes focused on the window across the street at the jailhouse. From these paid seats one could see the condemned man brought into the stairwell where the guillotine was located and then the rope put around his head. The only sound was the heartbeat within the chests of the onlookers as they held their breaths for what was to come.

Then with a blink of the eye, the man dropped out of site. That was it. It was over. Many onlookers gasped, some whimpered, and others chuckled with satisfaction. Several of the witnesses prayed for peace and forgiveness for the soul hanged and for any of his family, friends, and victims he left behind.

Was it worth the price paid to watch? Was it worth the price charged to have strangers watch from your private space? What would you do? Would you watch? Would you cheer the grotesque act on or would you pray silently in waiting?

Some say, even today, the wretched historical act replays itself in the window on some lonely, dark nights.”

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I am happy to say I do see you and your husband relocating closer to family after retirement. As for both sons being together, I think there is a sense of disappointment there. Have no fear though, you will have plenty of opportunities to see both sons and their families. You have a great sense of pride in them and they will continue to make you proud each and every day. Although I did not include your entire email, you did inquire about the amount of grandchildren you will have as well as tackling your battle with depression. I am anticipating four grandbabies whom you will help love, nurture, and spoil greatly. Please try to take care of yourself and find healthy ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Depression is not something to take lightly and one must be active in finding ways to be grateful for each and every blessing in life.

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