It seemed like a great home

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The weather is bringing more and more people outdoors to get some much needed fresh air and sun after the long winter months.  Although some may feel this past winter was easy-peasy, it still has the power to wreak havoc on someone prone to depression. Imagine bringing a haunted house into the equation too! How would you cope? Could you cope?

Once again, to ensure anonymity, the following story may have names, locations and any identifying information changed for privacy. Although I assure you, the story is in fact based on what the story teller’s believe to be true accounts.

“My wife, our two children, and I moved into a newly built home. The previous owners were the only family to have lived there before us. It wasn’t the type of home where you would expect any paranormal stories to originate from. It was modern, clean, and painted in nice bright colours with many windows throughout. It seemed like a great home to raise a family.

Once settled in, life resumed to some sort of normalcy after the long months previous preparing for the move from western Canada. Things were going very smoothly with the kids in their new school, I, in my new position in a company from which I transferred, and my wife making our home, well a home.

As the winter came upon us and the sun began to decrease each day, I noticed a change in my wife. Her mood seemed to be more down than her usual winter blues. We talked about her medication and the need to find a new doctor to possibly increase the dosage. She agreed and said she would make an appointment.

As time moved on, she became worse. She had virtually no appetite, physically she was exhausted all the time, and she had no interest in taking part in any activities that she usually enjoyed. It was taking a toll on our relationship as she wasn’t able to keep up with the kids or the household chores. Everything seemed to fall on my shoulders.

One night, in the wee hours of the morning, I was awakened by sounds of my wife whimpering and moaning in her sleep. When I was able to arouse her, she said she had a bad dream and didn’t want to talk about it. This scenario seemed to repeat itself almost nightly.

Finally, one night, she appeared to be physically fighting something off of her in her sleep. She was screaming and kicking violently. She again, didn’t want to talk about it. I knew something was wrong but couldn’t put my finger on it.

Late in February, we were having a dinner party with a colleague of mine and his wife when something strange happened.    His wife was quiet and seemed to be in her own little world, then eventually asked my wife how she was feeling lately. She continued to tell us that she was a ‘sensitive’, whatever that was supposed to mean, and she could feel a negative presence in the home.

After some prodding on her part, my wife and I finally began to share how she had changed since the move and of the nightmares she was experiencing. They listened intently and weren’t judgmental of us either. She said she understood why and could hopefully be of help to us.

The following day, my colleague’s wife had come back to our home with another woman who performed what they said to be a ‘cleansing’ of the home. They explained because of my wife’s predisposition to depression especially during the winter months, that she was more vulnerable to be effected by darker energies. My wife and I certainly didn’t know what to believe but figured it couldn’t hurt for them to do the cleansing.

Almost immediately and over the next few days, she began to feel better. Her smile slowly returned and then finally, her laughter. The house seemed even brighter and lighter too. I don’t know what or why it all happened. All I know is that I am grateful for the help. – Roy

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Ask Tammy,

Dear Tammy,

Given the economy in Sault Ste Marie and the stagnancy of the city, I am thinking of moving elsewhere. Maybe the London or Strathroy area. Would this be a good move for me? – Stew

Tammy’s Psychic Answer:

I can sympathize with your dilemma as many are thinking along the same lines. I would like to caution you against rushing into any decision at this time. Be open to a unique ideas which can be mixed together to bring about unexpected and exciting results.

You are a very bright and hard worker. I feel slow and steady growth in the field of work/career for you. It’s going to take time to get things to where you want them. For some reason, I am being pushed towards urging you to consider merging different viewpoints to create a superior opportunity for yourself. This can only be done if you take your time and don’t rush.

It may also be helpful to carry the stone, Garnet on your body. This gorgeous stone is particularly used as a career and business stone. It helps to bring out your best side making you more striking to employers, co-workers, and during job interviews. Garnet is great for areas of life where there appears to be stiff competition.

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