The Team

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Meet the Team

Individual Team Members

Rev. Tammy Deans is the founder and driving force behind HSSM. Throughout her life, and sometimes frightening personal experiences as a psychic led her to form the group as a way to help others understand and come to grips with the activity they themselves experience, whether by happenstance or self-inflicted. Being an Ordained Minister, she offers house cleansing and clearing, as well as blessings to clients who request it.

As lead investigator, Tammy has many interests in the paranormal such as UFO’s and aliens, demonology, cryptozoology, and the occult. She takes great care in maintaining HSSM’s reputation for quality and trustworthiness and always makes sure we do our best to bring closure and/or comfort to each and every one of our clients.

Irene M. Gray, Junior Investigator and secretary. Irene has had an interest in the paranormal for as far back as she can remember. She enjoys the hands-on experience and the sense of camaraderie when investigating which increases her own working knowledge of the paranormal that is around. It is her hope to use this increased knowledge to help others learn and advance with their own search for knowledge. She is also an Ojibway traditionalist with an open mind for learning more, dedicated university student by day, ghost hunter extraordinaire by choice and an extraordinarily Awesome Mom /Gramma at all times.

Brent first became interested as a young boy going to what everyone called ‘haunted houses’ in his neighbourhood. As a young boy, he’d go exploring them even though he was told to stay out. Over the years he’d take any opportunity he could to poke his nose into every type of paranormal event he could. As he grew he learned skills such as video editing and recording, photography, and computers. He looked into information on the various spiritual beliefs to try and form his own views on how things work. In 2015 Brent finally captured what he considers to be a ‘good’ picture of a ghost while snapping photos for a film he had done.

Brent is a junior investigator, and part of the advertising department.

Amanda is an empath which makes her sensitive to the energies. She has had a fascination with the paranormal for most of her life. Amanda is a valuable asset to HSSM as being the lead of our evidence review team, assisting the research department, and participating in investigations.

Sadly, Ed passed away in December 2018. He will be greatly missed but we know he is still with us in spirit and will always be. Rest in peace Ed. We will talk to you soon 🙂

Ed was an investigator who was also a skeptic. He enjoyed working with the team and added a perspective that others may not have had. Ed was always hopeful to find something in the evidence, though he was always ready to debunk any findings.

Ryan D. Walker, Evidence Reviewer, and Research Assistant. Ryan is looking to bring his technical skills and knowledge along with his inquisitive nature to aid the Haunted Sault Ste. Marie team behind the scenes. He enjoys learning new technologies and techniques for investigations and hopes to help shine a little light on the unknown.

Ryan is s Manager of the Technical department